Mónica Belevan

Morphology of the Kulturinstinkt

March 15, 2020

The world has changed, and so have we.

Though LapsusLima.com will continue to run essays into the foreseeable future, nothing is of greater urgency or interest to the thinking class than tagging and tracking The Crowned Beast and its wake.

The essay may not be the form yet because, whilst picking up signals is more or less easy, articulating and enunciating them at the tricky escape velocity that’s required to traduce analysis into insight —without compromising analysis— is not.

Insight will hack its own path. One can’t start at, nor st(o)op to, defining the terms in a philosophical discussion that involves us all and is evolving at the speed of life.

This is the epochal poem of the new Kulturinstinkt.

It has no Author, but will be continuously co-authored by us all in real-time. I’m here to help source, converse and shape it (because, as it turns out, I’m a morphologist, not a designer). I’ll be doing my own writing here, certainly, but also collecting brief sketches by you on the Big Moods and culture shifts prompted by life in a sped-up reality-warp: the definition of revolutionary time.

LapsusLima.com now exists to find, congeal and express the new forms, themes, ideas, sentiments and watersheds of the world ahead, a glossary of/for new thinkers; the Baedeker-grimoire for the short now and the immediate future. It exists so that we may forgive ourselves.

I should be adding and moving things around here more or less daily. Remember, I’m winging it, too.

I guess this is my work now.

Schlüsseldienst Berlin