This is an open call to design polemicists in every field of knowledge.

Until early 2017 and for almost three years, LapsusLima existed as a podcast and –sporadically— as a blog on the history and theory of architecture, with an outstanding focus on the Bauhaus and its creatures.

It is now ready to evolve into a paying journal that can publish the sort of work the prestige suspects can’t or won’t make room for, whether because it is too speculative, too stylistically divergent or too conceptually abstruse.

The general scope of the journal will be broadly spatial (or, in other words: it’s about time). We would also like our platform to include –but not exhaust itself— at architecture, lest the latter be inscribed within the greater schemes of history and geography, archæology and anthropology, and/or the physical and behavioural sciences.

LapsusLima is to be a place where the past is assayed, the present exploded, and the future rehearsed –with few holds barred.

We value vision and perspective. We remain tenaciously disenfranchised. And of course we pay our mercenaries.

Please reach The Nightjar with your pitches at, or follow her on Twitter @LapsusLima